Long time no see friends! The online ministry I have been promising you all has officially launched! Check it out at Take a Walk Ministries.

You will find my old blog posts with new ones coming every Tuesday, video studies on Saturdays, and bi-weekly newsletters if you choose to subscribe!

I will be shutting off this platform tomorrow 5/3 so make sure you hop over and subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Free Devotional!!!!

There are so many times that the command “walk” is in scripture. Every time it’s in reference to a daily conduct and devotion.

In light of my ministries launch next week we are offering a free 5 day devotional on this topic for all of our subscribers that are locked in by Monday! Starting Monday the 30th you’ll receive an email with that days devotion.

We are so excited to officially start sharing our resources with you guys! If you’ve enjoyed this blog, hop over and sign up before this blog is officially deleted next week!


Easter weekend challenge!

Hello friends!!

Want to hear me dive into Romans for this Easter weekend!? Hop over to the new ministries facebook page and have a listen! I’d love to continue our relationship from this blog and want to invite you in to all the platforms!

new website coming your way!

Hey friends!

As I promised, the new website is almost up and running! If you want to continue following along with me, hop over to the new website here, and pre-subscribe to the ministry! You’ll be first to hear about our content and official launch in May!

Can’t wait to continue this journey with you all!


thank you beloved followers!


Oh my I made it to my first mile marker, 100 followers!! I am overwhelmed with the support you have all given me with following along!

I am so excited to invite you into the next development of this blog! As a reminder it will be launching at the beginning of May.

SO, hang in there for me, I’ll be back soon ❤

coming soon!!

Hello lovely friends!

I will be taking a break from posting on this blog. Stay tuned though, it will be re-launched as an online resource for believers at the beginning of May!

Thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement! I promise to keep you all updated on the process, and hope you choose to follow along with the new launch ❤